Welcome to Our Plexus Journey!

Hello and welcome to this blog! I wanted to start this blog not only to track our Plexus Journeyimage but to also give everyone a Raw, To-the-Point look at the feelings that go with loosing weight and getting healthier.  We all know this can be a scary place. The fear that we will Fail, the sickening stomach feeling when you don’t reach your Waters for the day or the Correct Food Choices! Well we are asking you to join us on this trip together:) please stop by frequently to hear the Raw Truth of what this journey is like and we hope it helps others too!! 11-20-15


One thought on “Welcome to Our Plexus Journey!

  1. This is awesome! I can’t wait to share in this journey with you! I’m getting started all over again as well! It’s so easy to fall back into bad habits so I’ll be on this journey too!


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